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About Snow Snakes

That's right everyone. At the winter overnight, we're going to hold our annual great snow snake toss contest. It's actually based upon an old Native American game. Now you get to experience the thrill, the excitement, the freezing cold that comes with the fun!

The rules are simple. Each Guide and Princess, along with their Dad, should build a "snake" according to the directions included. Decorate it as you see fit. Most important, make it as smooth and slippery as possible.

On Saturday afternoon, we'll designate a spot to hold the contest. We'll smooth out a few lanes and have each guide and princess toss their snake as far as they can. The snake that goes the farthest wins.

If there is not enough snow, we will still have a judging for the quality categories. Awards will be given to snakes in an array of categories such as: Best Carved, Most Poisonous, Most Native-American-Like, Funniest, Most Imaginative, Most Original, Most Colorful, Most Life-Like, Fanciest.

How To Make A Snow Snake


Wooden dowel or similar piece of wood. You might even find a branch in the woods that already looks like a snake. Keep in mind that you'll be trying to slide the snake, like a ski, over the snow. Paint, coat with varnish, wax, etc. Decorate as you see fit. Be creative or functional. Be sure to put your name and tribe name on your snake. Remember, there are awards for all kinds of snakes. Have fun making this together.


Length: 3 feet minimum to 4 foot maximum
Width: 3 inches maximum
Height: Optional
Weight: No restrictions

Note: A 2" x 2" board or 1 3/4 inch diameter dowel works well.