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What a great idea!

Letter submitted by Dan Wolf, Chief of the Sekani Tribe...


Now here this, Now here this!

On June 26th The Sekani tribe went on an overnight on the WW2 Submarine USS Silversides. It was a fantastic experience that was just as new to the dads as well as the kids. We left Naperville and headed up to Muskegon MI. where we had a three ship tour. It started with LST 393 (Landing Ship Tank) where we we had run of the ship from the bridge down to the engine room. It is a self guided tour and you are free to go where ever you want. After that it was off to our main destination where we received tours of the USS SILVERSIDES and the USCG Cutter McKlane.

There was also a great Museum, torpedoes, and a removed conning tower bristling with guns that the kids could play on. After all that we all turned in. Most of the kids slept in the forward torpedo room while the dads got run of Officers Country, an area that only the officers got to live in. We shook out at 8, had a hearty breakfast of pancakes and sausage, bought our patches and souvenirs and hit the road. There is also a huge beach within walking distance if you wanted to go there also. But we found there was more than enough to do on site.

Twenty-three of us went out and we all came back. Furthermore we have this trip to thank for two more families that are now interested in joining Y-Guides!!

Dan Wolf (Chief of the Sekani Tribe)


You can find more info about the USS Silverslides trip at www.glnmm.org